Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big baby, Small basket...Big boy room

My sweet little baby boy happily eating his root beer flavored, cowboy hat lollipop(he picked out himself) in his basket. It made me feel for a moment yes he is still small..but not quite my little baby anymore. Tonight is the last night he will spend in his nursery for tomorrow night he will be in his new big boy room. I just finished it up today and tomorrow night is the big night! Kory will be home and able to help hold me together so I am not such an emotional mess.(If that's at all possible...I have tears running down my check as I write this.) So my big baby will be in his big room so we can get the nursery ready for his little sister. I can't wait to make it super girly!! Before we know it we will have our big baby and little baby!!!

Big baby, small basket

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm Back...Long over due!!!!

These are our christmas pictures taken by my amazingly talented friend Bri... love you girl!

I'm back! Long over due I know, with no excuses. A lot has happened since the sweltering days of August and my blueberry freezing frenzy. Hudson is going to be a big brother!!! In April he will have a sweet little sister Grace (no middle name yet). We are beyond excited and I am in full nesting mama mode. So many house projects I don't even know were to start! But all that really matters is that we are so so blessed with another baby to complete our little family. I love being pregnant even though it was a challenging few months in the beginning. Kory is still in disbelief he will have his own little princess( his dad told him he knew he would make the perfect dad for a girl because he was the daughter he never had. Nice one Mark!) and Hudson is bashfully trying to say Grace which comes out more like "ace" which he is so proud of. Maybe a little nickname for the future! So all is well with the Yules. Missed you all, more to come!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Blueberry Freezing Mama and Blueberry Belly Baby

Blueberries are one of the perks of summer! So all American, fresh and cool. Anything to get through the blazeing hot Arizona weather. They were on sale so I stocked up and bought 9 containers(not 10)to freeze. They are so easy to do just put them on foil on a cookie sheet and they stay perfectly plump. You can eat them frozen or put in the fridge to thaw a little. Hudson was so excited they are one of his favorite's

So happy eating his blueberries with dinner! Our little self proclaimed vegetarian loves his fruit, cheese, whole grains and the occasional Veggie. No meat please!(except for hot dogs).

So...I would give him a little handful of fresh bluberries and he would scarf them down in seconds and ask for more "Bo" so I kept giving him more and more until......

He ate a half a cartoon...My sweet little bird eater whom barely eats 4 bites a meal! He was so proud of himself he had to show me his "bell bell" (our little word for belly).

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Yule men

I just love this picture! It was taken when we were in New York in June. We were walking on the peir on our way to dinner and captured such a sweet little moment. All three boys look so handsome! I feel like since then Hudson has grown so much. One day he will probably tower over both of them, but intell then he's just my sweet little guy!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Love my Husband

Kory is such an amazing person! He is so passionate about the things and people he loves. Loves his little Hudson, they watch golf together(Hudson actually loves to watch it, so weird!) go swimming at our big splash park, Or just hanging around the house playing Dads guitar. Kory loves his family, his big brother he looks up to as a man of God and father. His Mom and Dad for being such amazing examples of Godly parents. His friends who he loves being involved in there life and whatever they are doing...Golf, vegas, rock band. And work, he is such a hard worker who loves making a differance in peoples lives or saving them! I am so thankful to him for being such incrediable provider! Love you!!!

Love, love,love newborns

Ok, so not everyone is a newborn person. Some people are more comforatable the when they are a little older but,It is my absolute favorite!!!They snuggle on you all day, have the sweetest smell and yummiest skin. Oh I just love it! I was just reflecting back on when Hudson was born because two of my dearest friends are due with there first babies in weeks! Alison any day with sweet little Fischer and Jessica with baby girl Avery. Being a mom is the greatest gift you can imagine and they will be so amazing!